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Vision and Mission

It is the mission of Dr. Juliet Thorner School to have all students perform at or above grade level in the core subject areas.

Our mission is also to develop, implement, and maintain programs that will:
  • Develop students’ positive self-image so they will function as effective and informed citizens by using a system of rewards.
  • Provide opportunities for students to recognize, understand, and appreciate cultural diversities.
  • Develop social awareness, moral values, and social responsibilities.
  • Maintain high standards in academic achievement, conduct, and school attendance.
  • Encourage parents to be supportive and involved in their child’s education by reading to them, helping with their homework, monitoring their use of the media, and providing a model for language and reading.
  • Provide flexibility to the school site in the use of categorical funds.
Our motto is: To succeed with pride and dignity.